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Ø 70 x 2540 mm


Ø 70 x 2540 mm

Additional Information

Product name

Heat Resistant Steel

Product Grade


Material Composition

C max 0.2%, Cr 19-21, Ni 11-13, Mo 0.8-1.5, Si 1.5-2.5, Mn max 2, N max 0.11

Comparable Material

EN: X15CrNiSi20-12, 309, 1.4828, SUH309

Data Sheet

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Shape / Cross Section


Sold in units

pcs (piece)

Unit of Measurement

Weight: kg & Dimensions: mm

Chemical Elements

Al=Aluminum, B=Boron, C=Carbon, Ce=Cerium, Co=Cobolt, Cr=Chromium, Cu=Copper, Fe=Iron, Mg=Magnesium, Mn=Manganese, Mo=Molybdenum, N=Nitrogen, Nb=Niobium, Ni=Nickel, P=Phosphorous, Pb=Led, S=Sulfur, Si=Silicon, Sn=Tin, Ti=Titanium, V=Vanadium, W=Tungsten, Zn=Zinc

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