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Silver Steel flats in Stock !

We are glad to make public the availability of “Silver Steel” flats/sheets. This steel 1.2210 is custom made for Terasrenki. We have 3.5 and 4,0 and 5.0 mm thickness available in various sizes. – What is so unique about it? Well, this steel is usually…

Thin Heimskringla for brooch and bracelets, etc.

We now stock 1 mm thin Heimskringla Flat Ground. Width 38 mm. This unique material is the perfect material for exquisite brooch, bracelet, etc. Material is found in category “Ornament and Art Steel…”

N360 and Niolox Steels Now in Stock

Just arrived to stock (April 2nd 2013). New nitrogen steel Bohler N360 IsoExtra and high quality Niobium alloyed Niolox steels. Niolox is known as SB1 steel as well and it conforms to EN designation 1.4153.03 and is close to American M92 steel. It is better…

Website in English

  After the Finnish website upgrade almost two weeks ago English translation was missing from this site. Glad to inform that this issue has been fixed and the site is now up in English as well. Many improvements have taken place. Foremost is the…