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Alloyed Steel for Blades ...

Alloyed Steel for Blades ...

During producing, some metals are added to tool steel alloy for achieving the necessary properties for various applications. Those properties include wear resistance, toughness, flexibility, heat resistance, workability, corrosion resistance and decreased structural grain size. The alloying elements forming carbides increase primarily hardness, strength and fine-grained structure. The various carbides feature the following hardness: Iron Carbide HV 1100, Chromium Carbide HV 1600, Molybdenum Carbide HV 1800, Tungsten Carbide HV 2500, Vanadium Carbide HV 2800, Titanium Carbide HV 3200. Added in small quantities, chromium reduces structural grain size, furthermore, vanadium and niobium make the fine-grained steel structure.

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