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Carbon Steel ...

Carbon Steel ...

Carbon Steels. The most common Hardening Steel. Carbon steels with a carbon content of 0.75 – 1.25% consist of only iron carbon carbides with very fine structural grain size after hardening. Generally, the bigger carbon percentage, the better wear resistance. A blade containing merely iron carbon carbides is extremely sharp. Adding other carbides will reduce the sharpness. Through reducing the grain size, the vanadium makes steel tougher and more wear resistant. The alloying elements forming carbides enhance the wear resistance and other advantageous properties of steel. Due to the coarser grain size compared to the previously mentioned carbon steels, the same level of sharpness can not be achieved. Respectively, increasing the alloy elements containing carbides improves the wear resistant. The wearing depends considerably on the size of contact surfaces, thus for example a small angle of the blade contributes to wearing of steels with carbide content as the hard carbides come off easier from a small angle than from the bigger one. This perception proves clearly, how the very fine and uniformly distributed carbides adhere better in the steel. Utilizing Powder Metallurgic Technology in steel production results in a more uniform and fine structural grain size and consequently better sharpness than in steels produced with conventional metallurgic methods.

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