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Alloyed Powder Steel ...

Alloyed Powder Steel ...

Conventionally produced high-alloy steels are prone to alloy segregation during solidification. Regardless of the several rolling processes after solidification, non-uniform clusters of carbides still remain as residues of the microstructure of the ingot. The steel produced is the powder metallurgy process is compressed, using very high pressure, from tiny powder particles having homogenous structural composition and evenly distributed fine-grained carbides. Because of no segregation in powder particles, the consolidated body will have no segregation either. The evenly-distributed fine carbides prevent the grain size from increasing and accordingly, the final product has a very fine microstructure as well. After hardening, the very fine structural grain size allows achieving the superior sharpness of carbon steel. The wear resistance is by far greater in comparison with carbon steel. Furthermore, the fine grain size enhances its toughness and grindability. Here you will find some electron microscope images of powder steel grains.

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